Merry Christmas!

   We are coming out of what I would call the worst week of my life.  The emotions experienced ranged from utter despair, to fear, chaos and depression.  I was fully informed that this would be the hardest experience of our lives, but I really didn’t understand.  Watching your child’s body be ravaged by this … More Merry Christmas!

Baby Steps 

Twenty five days in this 10 by 14 foot room, I’m going a little stir crazy.  We are at day +14 since transplant.  There have been very few pleasantries here over the last week.  Even if I wanted to describe what Khaleda has been through, words just couldn’t do it justice.  Feeling utterly helpless as … More Baby Steps 

The next phase

   November 22, 2015     This marks the first day of the next major phase of our lives. Khaleda and I woke up early to begin our drive to Durham, NC. We were scheduled for a blood draw at 10:00am at the Children’s Hospital at Duke Medical Center. Tomorrow, she has surgery for her … More The next phase

Home Sweet Home

Thirty three days in India, twenty seven hours of travel home, one tortuous 15 hour flight, navigating through four airports with one toddler, carrying two loaded backpacks including 21 matchbox cars (which caused extra scanning in every airport), atleast 6 caffeinated beverages, 10 trips to the airplane potty, one accident before reaching the potty and mommy … More Home Sweet Home

Product Arrived!

I’m sitting up tonight thinking about every amazing detail of this week.  I wish I had the time to share every detail, but it’s just too much.  The bone marrow draw was successful Tuesday morning.  Due to Sameer’s small size, the doctors were more limited in the amount they were allowed to draw.  Immediately after the procedure, Dr. Raj briefly … More Product Arrived!

Procedure Approved!

The last few days have been spent relaxing and getting to know each other better.  Sightseeing included a local mall, a science center, Elliot’s beach and the Chennai zoo. Their second beach experience. 3D Cinema: Silas was not impressed! Lunch time at the zoo! Sari shopping at a local market.  The fabrics were gorgeous! Khaleda’s … More Procedure Approved!

Our Blended Family

I’m sorry there has been a delay in my blog posts.  It has been an adjustment on many levels.  Mike and Lauren are gone now, and Silas is regularly asking for his daddy.  They did arrive home safely so we are thankful.  What did we do before we had apps like FlightAware?  It is just unbelievable that … More Our Blended Family